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I am at staples right now and im posting beause i like this funky keyboard, although im disalusioned by the state of things in the uneverse. im not suposed to talk about my feelings on the subject of world distruction... so im changing the subject.

five years ago, if someone was to tell my what was about to happen in my life, i wouldnt believe them.. there has always been a sort of sixth sence to it all in that i knew there were big plans for me, but... repeatedly now, ive gotten to this place in my life by making the same choice. to remain with Rob, and to love his children. things arnt easy.

life is constantly comming back at me. for example we are being draged into court again by a discontented mother and we just found out our truck is a lemon, and tax season and 14 years at taco bell leads to big depression and sexually... well...

but this... somehow, is the best choice i can make, and i see the future before me, and this is the only way to go, the only way for me. wonder where im headed next?
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