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the deal

November's deal:

there is suposed to be an apointment today at 2 but i dont know if it is canceled because of the flooding

Due date: 21st of this month
Sceduled C-section: 15th of this month
Stipulations: upon ultrasound findings, if baby is breach we will be doing the sceduled C-section, if the baby is not breach (ie, head down) we will be waiting for normal labor to begin.
Goal: non-breach baby, normal delivery, on or after the 23rd of this month

Aiden update:

Aiden's first birthday is on sunday the 18th. he is over the 100th percentile in weight and hight for his age, and he wears 2 year old cloths. His 8th tooth just broke through and we are expecting molar teething soon, which means adding harder and more crunchy things to the vast amount of foods he already will eat (anything given to him). He is hansom and blond with curls developing in the back. He crawls and claps and points and says mama, mom and dada, dad clearly. He says more and block and book and Aiden and Alissa and Nathanial and a few other things but they arnt entirely understandable yet. He is learning to stand on his own and cant wait to start running around.

Alissa and Nathanial update:

on the 14th there is a court date for the apeal on the first court decision. our lawer is trying to get it thrown out of court for reasons. we should have a decision by november which means that everything will be settled and we can go ahead with the devorce procedings... however there is currently a CPS (Child Protective Services) investigation going on and if anything is founded against the mother and her choices there is a good chance of going back to family court before the devorce... all this stuff if scary and time consuming and confusing. we will continue to do the best thing for them regardless.

on the 7th they started school. they got out early on the first day because of the rain and flooding... they have not yet been back. their school is half covered in water! sooo... we arnt sure what will happen with that yet... we are currently in the hills at their aunt patty's house. our house isnt flooded but many places around us are. we will hopefully be going home later today.
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