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i feel

i feel

by your youth
by your love

captivated by the draw
your smile
your frown and whine

in love with
everything you are
everything you can be

when i get the eye rolls
or the half smiles
or the witty, off handed, oh come on comments
i say

"ive told you before and i tell you again, i have an uncontrolable urge to care for and protect you for as long as i live, and beyond."

there are many things i could say about how the Alissa and Nathanial are being treated and cared for this month with their mother, there are many things i could simply say about their mother

but i will leave it at this instead

change is on the horizon (again)
we do not accept half assed babysitters for our children
so why would we accept less than half assed parents???

they deserve the world and we intend to see that they get it.
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