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having a nice day

today i got to relax at home with my family. i had a lovely time walking with my mom and Alissa while Aiden slept and Rob and Nathanial have been at home working on Nathanials homework and making wands. we are planning what should be an awesome Harry Potter themed birthday party at Greenwood. its nice to be able to slow down once and a while.

to Loni: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! im sorry i havent called you yet. with my life the way it is it is hard to find a great chunk of time to call you in although my mother just reminded me of the time zone difference so perhaps i will call you at night when its late for me but not so late for you. i was thinking the same thing about how i will have two babies the next time we see each other and we were both pregnant and making tie die tee shirts (which Aiden is able to wear now!)

saw brandon for the first time in over a year yesterday. i will have to comment on this more another time though. there is a lot to say and a lot of feelings to process as well.

thankyou for the name suggestions!
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It's ok, I totally understand how hard it is for you to get a chance to do *anything* for yourself these days! Isaac is usually in bed 9:30our time (sometimes before or after depending on how long he eats), which would be 10:30 your time. Thats probably ideal for us if you're gonna call at night since 9-10:30 your time is when we're doing bath and nursing/rocking. Before 9 your time is good too, but not on Tuesdays (Tom's at church those nights) and wednesdays we'll be gone until later for the next couple months. But if you call during the day (any day) or when tom isn't here, I can make it work, or when you call if I don't pick up, just leave a message with the best time to call you back :) Looking forward to talking with you soon!